Una dura despedida.

Compartimos con vosotros las emotivas palabras que nos ha hecho llegar Anna Scott, la dueña de Dior.

It was the hardest day yesterday not waking up to that smile she used to give us..the barking when she saw me put my shoes .well actually she new everything of my day ..I’ve spend every day with her them ..as I only work when when jobs come in ..so she would know when that day comes ..barked uncontrollable until we sat with her until I said I’m coming back ..just going to the shops ….she would sit by the door until we returned …that’s hard ..taking cristal out solo yesterday was hard
..she always slept on top of our pillows by our heads like a cat …so last night was hard …just hard ..

Vuela alto Dior.

Un abrazo muy fuerte.