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All our adoptions carry a fee of 225€ (except in the adoptions of OUR POSITIVE dogs in leishmania or special cases, in which case it is 0€ in order to encourage their chances of finding a home).
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Our commitment here in SOSWEIMARANER.ORG is to find the best home for each and everyone of our dogs. If you are interested in adopting, please read the below requirements and commitments you must meet in order to be an eligible adopter and some information about the adopting process. If after reading are requirements you think you are a suitable candidate, please fill in our adoption questionnaire!

We are looking for adopters that have a lifestyle that allows them to spend a lot of time with the dog, you should have time enough to walk the dog at least three times a day and be able to play and give them enough activity. We prioritize profiles of sports people.
Having a dog is a great responsibility and it comes with some costs. All our adopters must have an adequate budget that allows them to take care of the basic needs of the animal like food, collars, any veterinary emergency, etc etc
All our adopters must be responsible and over age.
Thinking about the wellbeing of our dogs, we do not adopt to people that live in shared housing and we do not adopt to hunters.

As we mentioned above, our job is to find the best home for the dogs, and our main concern is their safety. Think if you are comfortable with sharing your home with your dog, because we don’t give our dogs in adoption to families that will always leave them outside whether if it is in a kennel, a cage or chained.
If your home has a balcony, terrace or patio it must be fully fenced and dog-proof in accordance to the size and agility of these dogs. The dog’s safety is a MUST, if this requirement is not met, we won’t give our dogs in adoption.
If there is another dog in the house already, it must be sterilized. As part of our commitment all our dogs are sterilized with exception of puppies, that we will give in adoption with the commitment of sterilization.

We will accept requests for adoption on each dog until our team deems it convenient.
All potential adopters will be classified according to their suitability, never by the order of arrival of the adoption request.
Once the questionnaire has been approved, we will arrange a telephone interview, after that we will schedule a pre-adoption visit with one of our volunteers.
If everything is ok, the next step will be to sign the contract. Each adoption comes with a fee of 220€, some adoptions will be exempt of this fee (if the dog is very old or sick). We charge this fee because it allows us to continue with our wonderful work and our rescue mission.

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